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Energized Shanti Symbol on Black Tourmaline Crystal


  • Material: Crystal
  • Moq: 1 Pc
  • SKU: OSHDSC4409
  • Shanti is a very useful Karuna Reiki symbol for manifesting desirable results and releasing all fears and insecurities.
  • It is a very powerful symbol that represents and connects to the Angels of peace and spiritual guidance.
  • It helps remove negative emotions like worries, stress, and fears.
  • The Shanti symbol is there to create a feeling of peace and harmony.
  • It is often used for chants in the Hindu prayers.
  • Using Shanti in self-treatment, meditation or when sending light into our future helps heal the past, release the future, and create harmony in the present.
  • Shanti’s energy is best suited for the superior chakras: Soul Star chakra, Crown chakra, Third Eye chakra, Throat chakra, and Heart chakra.
  • Activating it daily as well as using it in self-treatment, will bring a feeling of detachment and healing of your past and present.
  • This can work for situations that are holding you back as well as with people that are not beneficial to you.
  • Additionally, the Shanti symbol will bring positive energy to each chakra.
  • Placing Shanti on the Soul Star and Crown chakras will enhance our connection to Divinity and spirit guides. This will bring self-confidence and solid trust in life itself.
  • It is considered that the Shanti symbol has the potential of opening the actual third eye( ajna chakra) located between the eyebrows.
  • Fully opening and activating this third eye will bring clairvoyance, clarity of mind and other psychic powers.
  • Activating this Reiki symbol on our throat chakra will enhance our ability to express our deep emotions.
  • This will give us a feeling of accomplishment.
  • If we use it on the heart chakra it will induce a deep feeling of peace and relaxation within our soul. This activation keeps away panic attacks and removes fears.
  • The Shanti symbol is known for helping us have a calm, dreamless sleep. It is a very efficient symbol for removing insomnia.