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Energized Red Kunj Seeds


  • Material: Original Red Kunj Seeds
  • Moq: Set of 11 Pcs
  • SKU: OSHDKS4420
  • Gunj seeds are considered very lucky from ancient times.
  • It Is Considered Highly Sacred In Hindu Vedas.
  • It is said that these powerful beads tend to choose their user and do not stay for a long time with Unlucky people.
  • They symbolize Goddess Lakshmi and it is said that the user is blessed with wealth and prosperity.
  • These beads are used to ward off evil and remove black magic effects, bring good luck, and ward off physical harm.
  • Energized with chanting and mantras, these beads help bring wealth benefit from various sources, increases savings, protects from financial losses, and gives lots of benefits in terms of wealth.
  • It also helps prevent thefts.
  • It is kept in lockers, boxes or purses, pockets, and altars, where you keep your money.
  • Placing 5 red gunj tied in a white cloth in a corner of a room that has cracks prevents vaastu dosh when a repair is not possible.