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Energized Zibu Symbol Crystals

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  • Material: Crystal
  • Moq: 1 Pc
  • SKU: OSHDZS4410
  • Price: 399/- each
  • Zibu is an ancient healing language expressed as a symbol.
  • These graceful symbols are infused with pure angelic energy and are available to assist you in your daily life.
  • These symbols can be used by anyone and everyone.
  • You can even change Zibu’s TRANSLATION name. The more you chant and visualize them, the more
  • Benefit you get from them.
  • Zibu symbols are the Angelic symbol and they carry and generate their own Energy.
  • Keep it in your Purse, pocket, temple, or altar for double happiness or in your bedroom.
  • Get maximum joy, and happiness, and come out of depression and loneliness feeling and fill your life with total joy and happiness.
  • Also, it can be placed on drinking water and you can drink that water every day.
  • These benefits are described by Zibu practitioner experts.
  • Zibu symbols are for various purposes for eg.
  • Serenity (peace)
  • Protection
  • Faith
  • Creativity
  • Joy
  • Awakening
  • Gratitude
  • Success