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Vintage LED Table Lamp/Kerosene Lamp Candle Holder


• Vintage LED Table Lamp/Kerosene Lamp Candle Holder

1. It is safe and environmentally friendly, does not generate heat, and avoids the occurrence of flame ignition.
Second, the continuous lighting time is long, much higher than the lighting time of ordinary candles.
3. Beautiful and generous, suitable for all kinds of candle holders.
4. It can be used as a small night light for lighting or other decorative purposes.
5. High-realistic candle lamp, the light flickers like a candle light flickering as real and natural.
6. Using button battery, durable and easy to replace the battery
• Material: PP polypropylene ethylene + electronic components
• Size: diameter 8cm (including handle) * height 18cm
• Single weight: 0.05kg = 50 grams
• Packing: 12 pcs/box
• Battery: Already equipped with batteries (3 AG13 button batteries), the batteries can be replaced when they are used up