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Indian Handicrafts: Where Art and Craft Collide!!

I am Anuradha Nagavelu. I’m a creator. I love to make things, and it feels good to make something with your hands! Making gives us meaning.#weavemakers 

I started my journey with a single Sai Brass Lamp suggested by my guardian/mentor because I could never find exactly what I was looking for. Now, let me help you create a business that makes you feel just as unique and inspired as the person you are. Craft items are interesting and so is our business. Our services can help you in increasing the beauty of your interior.
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Our services always try to promote the importance of creative ideas. We are a family of crafters. We are keeping the makers alive, saving antiquities & creating new ones. We are your source for all your handcrafted needs, making it easy to craft without measurements, tools, or fuss. We take a lot of pride in our ability to make our customers’ projects come to life.

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We try to respect both the original and the derived products. Our institution shows the easy ways to capture and understand the beauty and usefulness of creation. A crafts and DIY dream! We love all things handmade and creative. We are sharing the best DIY and craft projects we find with you daily! May the artisan spirit guide you on whatever path your creativity takes you.

Handmade goods are made even better. A good creation can always provide happiness to its owners. #goodcreation

Promoting various creative works – our niche of expertise working with my hands. For all my crafting friends out there, don’t hesitate to DM me for any project-related questions. Handmade from the heart, let me help you build your brand.
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(Manufacturing of Brass Kuthu Vilakkus/Lamps)

(Handmade/Painted Blue Pottery)

Crafting the best craftwork for you – we are proud to have the opportunity to make you happy. We believe that creation has no limit. We are giving form to your ideas and inspirations. There is nothing called ‘waste’ in our dictionary – we can craft interesting things from everything.

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We are honored to deal in the items made by talented people. We give importance and identity to your creative ideas. #creativeideas

Indian Handcrafted brass items are a hallmark of Indian craftsmanship and are highly valued for their intricate designs and durability. Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, has been used in India for centuries to create a wide range of functional and decorative objects, from utensils and lamps to statues and figurines.

To create a globally competitive Handicrafts Sector and provide sustainable livelihood opportunities to the artisans through innovative product designs, improvement in product quality, introduction of modern technology, branding & marketing and also preserving environment & traditions and bringing them into the formal economy.

Vibrant and culturally rich, India continues to preserve its centuries-old roots in the form of its stunning arts and crafts. Traditional crafts of India provide the basis of Indian culture that not only has gained worldwide recognition but is also one of the reasons tourists flock to the country. These Indian handicrafts are a glimpse into the history and culture of every region of the country. The history of Indian handicrafts goes back centuries. We have compiled a list of arts and crafts of India from different states; don’t forget to check out the special mentions too.

  1. Kondapalli Dolls, Andhra Pradesh
  2. Bamboo And Cane Craft, Arunachal Pradesh
  3. Weaving And Embroidery, Assam
  4. Madhubani Painting, Bihar
  5. Wall Paintings, Chhattisgarh
  6. Lavo Mandri, Goa
  7. Zari Work, Gujarat
  8. Embroidery, Haryana
  9. Wool Weaving, Himachal Pradesh
  10. Pashmina Shawls, Jammu and Kashmir
  11. Wood Craft, Jharkhand
  12. Bidriware, Karnataka
  13. Coconut Shell Handicrafts, Kerala
  14. Durries Weaving, Madhya Pradesh
  15. Warli Paintings, Maharashtra
  16. Wood Carving, Manipur
  17. Weaving, Meghalaya
  18. Cane And Bamboo Weaving, Mizoram
  19. Weaving, Nagaland
  20. Pattachitra, Odisha
  21. Chowk-Poorana, Punjab
  22. Blue Pottery, Rajasthan
  23. Lepcha Weaving, Sikkim
  24. Korai Silk Mats, Tamil Nadu
  25. Pembarti Sheet Metal Work, Telangana
  26. Cane And Bamboo Craft, Tripura
  27. Wood Carving, Uttarakhand
  28. Lucknow Chikan Work, Uttar Pradesh
  29. Dhokra, West Bengal
    Andaman and Nicobar Islands – woodwork and carpentry
    Chandigarh – party wear clutch, brass and wooden handicrafts
    Dadra and Nagar Haveli – leather slippers, weaving of bamboo mats and baskets
    Daman and Diu – ivory carving, tortoiseshell art and mat weaving
    Delhi – lacquerwork and pottery
    Ladakh – Thangka painting, traditional tie-dyed woollen shoes, pashmina shawls and carpets
    Lakshadweep – seashell necklace, coconut and tortoise shell art
    Puducherry – Leather, woodcraft, pottery, metal crafts
Final Thoughts

These traditional crafts have not only preserved the art but also provided artisans to earn a livelihood from their creative works. The diverse culture, heritage, language, and customs of this unique country have made us proud of our glorious history. So, take some time to delve into the culture and art of the destinations as well, and if we’ve missed anything that should be on our list of traditional arts and crafts of India, drop us a comment below. You can see and buy Indian handicrafts online here. From my website:

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