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Energized Copper Swastik Pyramid


  • Material: Copper
  • Size: 8 inches
  • Moq: 1 Pc
  • SKU: OSHDCP4407
  • Swastik pyramid is kept for Protection, good luck, Good Health, and Prosperity.
  • Swastik is an auspicious and holy symbol of Indian tradition.
  • Swastik means prosperity from all four directions.
  • The Swastik with a pyramid sign is a lucky charm, as the Swastik is a symbol of Ganesha.
  • It is a protective shield and helps to safeguard you and your premises from evil and negativity.
  • It attracts beneficial powers that help to achieve peace, happiness, prosperity, and reach your goals.
  • This Swastik Pyramid not only brings positive energy but also brings Good Luck to the person as well as removes all obstacles in all undertakings.
  • It is one of the best solutions to all Vaastu problems.
  • Put it above the main door to attract positive energy and drive away negativity.
  • In case of a vaastu defect, the swastika pyramid can also be installed at the defect area.